Robert Hartzog, “Bob”
Est. 1985

Education: University of South Carolina

Major: Mathematics
License: Unlimited Building


  • Energy Star & Healthy Built Experienced
  • Home Design Proficient

Coming from a family of prominent businessmen in a small community, one grandfather a V.P. of a local bank and the other, an editor of the local newspaper, instilled a great sense of pride in the young entrepreneur. He recalls the local townspeople praising his parents and grandparents of their fair dealings and their positive impact they had on the community.

Before the age of 15, young Hartzog gained a financial independence that spurred businesses from door to door sales to contracts doing lawn maintenance. At age 16, he formed a membership only club for teens that featured local talent. With over 300 members, the club was a huge success but very demanding for a high school student. All these ventures were successful for Hartzog, but they all lacked a sense of permanence and pride of accomplishment that comes from standing back at the end of a project and taking a look at a job well done. A tangible passion is what he kept being drawn towards.

Scattered amongst all the endeavors were construction projects required by most of the businesses, i.e., renovation on the building or the teen club, building of a barn for his cattle, projects that were requested by family and friends because of his knowledge and intrigue with building something, whether it be a business or a building.

In order to pursue his path to become a contractor, Hartzog, in his 20’s, renovated houses, worked for other contractors as a laborer, and then worked in the areas of framing and trim carpentry. At the age of 27, he built and was the contractor for his first entire residential construction.

Having an educational background with drafting in high school and being a math major from the University of South Carolina are probably two of the most valuable assets of this background. “Physics, geometry, algebra, and a good business sense are daily tools of a full service contractor,” says Hartzog.

Bob Hartzog and Cornerstone Homes have been involved in over 300 homes in the Western North Carolina area, constructed from logs to contemporary.

Focusing on being a full service builder, Cornerstone homes of North Carolina, Inc. offers construction design, site planning, kitchen and bath design, financial advice, pre-qualifying mortgage recommendations and of course, the construction of the home itself.

Cannon Hartzog 
Project Manager/Designer

Education: Western Carolina University

Major: Construction Management
Minor: Business Administration


  • L.E.E.D. & Green Building Educated.
  • Creative Design Oriented
  • Exterior & Interior Design proficient with both Computer Generated and Hand drawn Elevations and Renderings.